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Algae Vitalizer

    Product Category : Concentrates
    Product Code : B-AC-AV-M

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BABOR FLUIDS FP: Algae Active Fluid


Active ingredient concentrate for vitalization and moisturisation of the skin.

- Deep moisturising, purifying and revitalising.
- Supplies and seals in moisture.
- Stimulates microcirculation and revitalises the skin.
- The retention capability of algae binds waste products.

Algae Active Fluid acts like a wave of intensive, sea-fresh moisture for the skin.

The active marine ingredients extracted from the purest deep-sea plankton algae are rich in precious trace elements.

Algae active fluid stores moisture in the skin - with lasting effects you can see and feel.

Suitable for all skin types. A moisturising and detoxifying fluid which fights aging, and helps mild congestion.


Morning and/or night, after cleansing, apply to face, neck and décolleté and leave for a short while to soak in.

Then apply skin cream.