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Blush Classic

    Product Category : Semi & Demi Permanent Hair Colour
    Product Code : B-M

  • Availability: N/A


EUGENE PERMA Blush Satine Hair Color

Blush Satine is ready-to-use direct hair color with an exclusive formula featuring the Intuitive Color System that combines two types of « smart » direct colorants to create even color from root to tip and an ultra-glamorous satiny effect. It washes out in 10-15 shampoos with no visible root regrowth.

- Exceptional care for hair before and after coloring.
- Delightfully smooth and rich cream texture and applicator tip provide fast and very comfortable use.
- Unlimited creative effects with shades that may be mixed with all other types of hair color
- 50% gray coverage, shine, softness, radiant colors, etc.

27 shades that can be mixed together available in 5 ranges of shades to enhance color: natural, nuances, golds, browns and grays.