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Joico Daily Care Treatment Shampoo

    Product Category : Scalp Care Shampoo
    Product Code : JDC-TS-M

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JOICO Daily Care: Treatment Shampoo


Cleanses and keeps healthy hair in balance. Helps control scalp disorders.

It removes dry skin caused by dandruff, psoriasis and seborrhoea.

Promotes healthy blood circulations. Relieves dry, itchy and sensitive scalps.

Tips: Treatment Shampoo works best when:

- A small amount of shampoo is applied to wet hair and scalp

- For problem scalp, reapply and leave on for 5 minutes before final rinse

- Can be used as a body wash on dry, sensitive skin

Flaking and itching might occur within the first days/week(s) of usage.

This is normal. Continued use of Treatment Shampoo will give improvement of scalp conditions within approximately 14 applications.