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Gel Nail Remover

    Product Category : Removers
    Product Code : GEL-NAIL-REMOVER-M
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Nail Foam Wraps

Speed up soak off times, reduce your acetone use and give your clients the freedom to move about during soak off.

The advantages to using this soak off method are easy to see - you save time (average gel removal is reduced to approx 15 mins) money (less acetone) free up workspace (your client no longer needs to sit with fingers immersed in acetone) and give your client a more comfortable experience.

Place a nail foam soak onto a nail foil wrap, apply chosen removal solution and wrap around the nail ensuring good contact. Wait approx 15 mins and remove gel.

Nail Foam Soaks

Using Nail Foam Soaks in conjunction with Nail Foil Wraps is a great way to improve on your existing soak off and is more comfortable for your client.