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Intensive Calming Cream

    Product Category : Day Creams
    Product Code : DRB-NS-ICC-M

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Babor Neuro Sensitive Cellular: Intensive Calming Cream


Innovative special care - brings dry skin back into balance:

- Suitable for the care of neurodermatitis and psoriasis during symptom-free periods.

Intensively calming face care cream for very dry and hyper-sensitive skin and for the care of skin affected by neurodermatitis during symptom-free periods.

Could be used as 24h cream or as day cream in combination with Intensive Calming Cream Rich.


The skin's protective lipid layer is effectively regenerated.

The lipid-moisture balance is optimally restored. The risk of bacterial skin reactions declines and irritations subside significantly.

The skin's natural defenses are effectively strengthened. Unpleasant itching is instantly soothed and redness is reduced, with lasting results. The skin recovers faster and feelings of tightness are noticeably reduced.


Apply mornings and evenings, after cleansing, to the face, neck and de´collete´ and massage gently.

Ideal as a day cream in combination with Intensive Calming Cream Rich as a night cream.

Use as a massage cream, a finishing cream or an eye cream.