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Ultimate Derma Optimizer Refill Basis Serum

    Product Category : Serums
    Product Code : DRB-DC-ORBS-M

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DOCTOR BABOR Derma Cellular: Ultimate Derma Optimizer Refill Basis Serum


The multifunctional serum forms the basis of your own unique high-tech skincare lab containing the Ultimate Derma Optimizer Serum (the basic serum) and up to four boosters (the specialists), which can be combined to create high-performance precision beauty care.

The multifunctional serum forms the basis and is designed to protect beauty at its core: in skin cells.

One of the four powerful booster concentrates is then added, depending on your individual skin needs and your personal beauty goal for the day.

The four boosters are specially designed to intensify and enhance the individual effects of the serum.

Refreshing moisture, a soothing detox, a relaxing chill-out and liquid lifting are only a pipette length away.

Must be used in conjunction with one of the Specific Boosters.


Unscrew the caps on the serum and the selected booster and mix one pipette length of each in the palm of your hand.

Apply to the face, neck and décolleté, after cleansing, and leave on to take effect.

Caution: Only ever add one booster per serum. Do not apply the booster straight onto the skin.