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Pallino Quartz Sterilizer

    Product Category : Quartz Micro-Spheres
    Product Code : PALLINO

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AGV GROUP - GV Beauty: Pallino Quartz Sterilizer


Pallino is an active assistant in the salon: in addition to the red and green lights that signal the warm up status of the machine and its being ready to work.

Pallino is equipped with a timer, activated in the very moment in which you will place the instruments to be sterilized in the quartz container, will inform you with a beep of the end of the process.

High temperature sterilization (220°) obtained using quartz micro-spheres warmed out by an external heating element.

The micro-spheres have got the same advantage of fluid in being able to reach the smallest and hardest spaces to be sterilised, but, more than the fluids, they are not subjected to consumptions and do not release vapours.