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Square 3-place Styling Unit

    Product Category : Wall Or Freestanding Styling Stations
    Product Code : SQUARE-3
  • Availability: N/A


OLYMP styling unit Square 3-place unit wall- or freestanding, with mirror or without mirror.

1 double* plug socket inside each side, middle place with double* plug socket underneath plate (R/H), if ordered (*GB: single plug sockets). Available in four different decors: firn-white, olive tree, wenge, Milano darkly oak. 3 mirrors 60 x 85 cm on support plate 38 mm. Without or with build-on footrest made of stainless steel tubes, end-to-end between sides.

Option: swing-out blow dryer holder underneath plate.

W = 380 cm, D = 40 cm, H = 80,5 / 165,5 cm

Basic version with mirror: Corpus front-white, with mirror, no footrest, no plug sockets.

Basic version without mirror: Corpus front-white, no mirror, no footrest, no plug sockets.