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Poem Smart Reception Desk

    Product Category : Reception Desk
    Product Code : POEM-SMART
  • Availability: N/A


OLYMP Poem Smart

Reception desk in Premium white or Basalt black, acrylic glass top with white satin finish, plinth also available in brushed aluminium, front panel glossy white or black, optionally backlit with white LEDs, decor screen and bag rest on the right or the left, exchangeable screens in various accent colours or glass for individual lettering (including deco-marker), stainless steel bag rest body and variety of optional shelf inserts, can be additionally equipped with money tray and containers for tips, individual desk layout

Basic version: Corpus KF premium white, plinth KF premium white, worktop white satinated Acrilian, front panel KF glossy noble white, deco panel upholstered, no backlight, handbag shelf of stainless steel with Kydex silver inlay, round cash plate Acrilian carbon colour, no facility parts.