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Keratin Plus Gold Shampoo

    Product Category : Keratin Shampoo
    Product Code : JPM-KS-M
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JEAN PAUL MYNÈ Keratin Plus Gold Shampoo

A basic pH shampoo enriched with Aloe Vera and coffee extracts, to be used exclusively as the first step in the JEAN PAUL MYNÈ KERATIN PLUS GOLD hair volume reduction and smoothing treatment.

- Contains no SLS, SLES, allergens, parabens or salt.
- Transform curly and frizzy hair into smooth, soft, shiny hair, even after a great many washes.
- The special SHAMPOO formula contains gentle surfactants deriving from olive oil and coconut oil and cleanses hair deep-down, preparing the cuticles to receive the subsequent treatment.
- The extracts of Aloe Vera and coffee help prevent the onset of dandruff and strengthen the hair.

The SHAMPOO (step 1), together with the KERATIN PLUS GOLD TREATMENT (step 2), is part of an exclusive new procedure designed by the JEAN PAUL MYNÈ laboratories, able to leave hair smooth, soft and shiny with a reduced capacity to absorb water, even after a great many washes.