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Pidox Treatment

    Product Category : Kids Shampoo
    Product Code : HM-P-M
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HAIRMED Pidox Treatment

Thanks to an innovative formula rich in oils and vegetable principles PIDOX suffocates parasites with a mechanical action: it can be used from the first suspicion and repeated as needed. It is still recommended to repeat the treatment 2 times within 7 days during periods of infestation. SLES and PARABENS free, its action is gentle both on skin and hair.


- With Dimethicone and Tea Tree Oil, it films and suffocates head lice and nits. - Activity based on active ingredients in the formula - Suffocates parasites with a mechanical action (Dimethicone e Tea Tree Oil)

Directions - Spray X1 on dry hair from a distance of 10-15 cm, on skin, root and entire hair length, with particular care in the area around the neck. Rub your hair up to distribute the product evenly. Leave on 20 minutes, until the product tends to dry. It is possible to extend the exposure time, because of the absence of chemical pesticides. Do not exceed in quantity, not to slow the drying times of the fluid. 100 ml bottle


- Natural repellent, it creates unfavorable conditions to the establishment of parasites - Gentle on skin with its cleansing bases from vegetable origin (coceth, derived from coconut oil), Thyme, Rosemary, Anise, Tea Tree and Ylang-ylang essential oils.

Directions - Apply and distribute carefully X2 on the scalp and the entire hair length after the use of X1 Spray active fluid and normally instead of the usual shampoo for a preventive action. Emulsify with care. Rinse thoroughly with warm water and repeat the operation. The ingredients deeply cleanse skin and hair and the refreshing action of essential oils calms any itching of the scalp. The regular and frequent use keeps areas cleaned and sanitized. 200 ml bottle.


Useful for periodical checks, it removes lice and nits.