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TERMIX PRO 230º Styling Iron

    Product Category : Flat
    Product Code : TERMIX-PRO

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TERMIX 230º Styling Iron

Unique styling professional iron with the most advanced thermal-ionic digital ceramic plates with tourmaline. The Termix 230º styling iron is specially designed for professional treatments such as keratin applications, thanks to its high-temperature setting up to 230ºC.

It can be used on both wet and dry hair, and its technology protects dyed hair, delays hair decoloration and diminishes product accumulation to radiate a healthy, glossy professional finish.

The Termix 230º styling iron also works with the latest technological advances, such as our Integrated Ceramic Heating System (ICHS), an instant heat recovery system that eliminates external moisture and enhances hair texture, as well as the latest nanotechnology. It is also presented with an attractive digital temperature controller.