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Cushion Foundation

    Product Category : Foundation
    Product Code : B-CF-M

  • Availability: N/A


Babor Age ID: Cushion Foundation


Cushion Foundation is a fluid foundation with "4-fold anti-aging effect" and variable covering power for every skin. Available in 3 colors.

Cushion Foundation offers variable opacity, youthful glow and gives a neat, natural look.

Cushion Foundation provides an optical instant lifting effect, youthful glow, cell protection and detox. Ideal for use on the road or for refreshing during the day.


Open the inner lid and remove the tamper seal. Use the enclosed sponge to dab the make-up-drenched pillow and apply the foundation from the center of the face to the outside.

Carefully smear the outer edges (hairline, pine edge).

The covering force can be varied by layering, ie by the application of several particularly thin layers one above the other.

Carefully close the inner lid after each use to keep the product fresh and dry.