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Inebrya Color Perfect Cream

    Product Category : Coloured Hair Treatment
    Product Code : I-CPC.-M

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Inebrya: Color Perfect Cream


Color Perfect Cream is the innovative color sealing treatment - to use at the salon and AT HOME - that improves cosmetic color performance - finalizes and perfects the color and its reflections.

It crystallizes, seals and stabilizes the coloring micro-pigments inside the hair fiber - closes the cuticle scales and extends the duration of cosmetic color over time - enhances intensity and shine.


Sealing treatment: apply the colour, distributing it over the whole towel dried hair, comb through gently and leave on for 2 minutes.

Rinse thoroughly and finish off with Color Perfect Shampoo and Conditioner.

Maintenance: Apply once a week after Color Perfect Shampoo, comb through and rinse after leaving it on for 2 minutes.