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Inebrya Permanent Colour

    Product Category : Permanent Hair Colour
    Product Code : IPC-M
  • Availability: N/A


Inebrya: Permanent Colour


Its perfect natural colouring guarantees total grey and offers a wide range of tones which have been designed to create a variety of intense, brilliant and long lasting shades.

The nourishing and conditioning properties of its active principles - Linseed Oil and Aloe Vera - help reduce skin irritation and provide natural protection for both the hair and scalp. PPD (paraphenylenediamine) free.

For preparation: ratio 1+1,5 - Superlightener: ratio 1+2 - Contrast: ratio 1+2. CONTRAST COLOR (oxidation hair colouring cream with a dual lifting and colouring action) is perfect for creating both partial lighting details and total fashion effects.

Suitable for either coloured or natural hair, colour results are reached in just one simple application without having first to decolour.