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Inebrya Kromask

    Product Category : Colour Mask
    Product Code : I-K-M

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Inebrya: Kromask


The innovative range of brightening products and nourishing masks for creating countless safe and personalisable colour effects.

It is recommended for natural, bleached and streaked hair and is ideal for brightening the colour in between hair dying and to illuminate hair with intense reflections whenever it is dull and lifeless.

KROMASK Professional nuances are also completely free of ammonia and oxidising agents.

To apply:

Wash hair with any Inebrya treatment line chosen for your hair condition. Shampoo and dry excess water with a towel.

Wear disposable gloves, apply a suitable amount of product and rub gently and distribute with a wide-tooth comb.

Leave for 3 to 5 minutes, according to the required intensity (increasing the time up to a maximum of 15 minutes will increase the intensity of Kromask colour). Rinse thoroughly.

Kromask does not stain but avoid applying the product directly on the scalp. Follow up with any Inebrya conditioner or mask in your treatment line purchased.