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Silicone Cleansing

    Product Category : Cleansing Gel
    Product Code : B-SCB-M

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Babor: Silicone Cleansing


Waterproof cleaning brush with hygienic silicone cup.

This cleaning brush with flexible silicone cup provides an enhanced cleaning and activating massage together.

The rounded, differently shaped silicone nubs remove dirt, sebum, make-up residues with 12,000 tiny micro-vibrations per minute and cleaned each face part, even the nose. For the preparation for the following care.

The skin is cleaned and prepared for the following care. For a radiantly beautiful complexion.

First remove eye and lip makeup. Bring your desired cleaning product directly on the face, neck and décolleté. Moisten SILICONE CLEANSING BRUSH with water, then start the machine and put the head of the brush on the skin. Clean with circular movements.

The skin if necessary make again moist, to extend the cleaning process. Final wash thoroughly with water and apply the usual BABOR care. Clean the head of the brush under running water; Use this if needed some extra soap.