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Salt & Sugar Oil Scrub

    Product Category : Body Scrub
    Product Code : B-SPA-SB-SSOP-M

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Babor SPA: Salt & Sugar Oil Scrub


Balancing Salt & Sugar Oil Scrub removes superficial dead skin cells gently yet thoroughly. Moisturizes and pampers the skin even as it exfoliates.

This conditioning peel is ideal for removing superficial dead skin cells and imparts a fresh, rosy glow to the skin.

Leaves skin feeling intensely moisturized and lends it a smoother, more even and velvety appearance.

Precious argan oil, sweet almond oil and macadamia nut oil condition the skin and leave it feeling silky soft.


For best results, apply the peel once a week in the shower.

Apply all over to wet skin, exfoliate, then rinse off thoroughly.