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SOS De-Blemish

    Product Category : Moisturisers
    Product Code : DRB-PC-DB-KIT-M

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BABOR Purity Cellular: Ultimate Blemish Reducing Duo


Ultra effective blemish reducing active concentrate at one end and blemish reducing cover cream at the other.

- Relieves acute skin irritations with long-lasting effect and stops blemishes in their tracks.

- Existing blemishes and blackheads are effectively reduced.

- Fights inpurities and blemishes of all kinds and prevents recurrence.

BABOR researchers have harnessed the latest scientific knowledge to develop an optimal blend of active ingredients that combats acute, stress-related skin blemishes and attacks spots at all stages of their development.

It also reduces existing blemishes quickly and effectively and prevents them from forming.


Stop Blemish Fluid: Apply locally as required (1 to 2 clicks per application) to inflamed areas of the skin and allow to take effect.

Blemish Reducing Cover Cream: Apply locally as required (2 to 3 clicks per application) to reddened areas and blemishes and pat in gently with the fingertips.