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Moisturizing Face Oil

    Product Category : Oil
    Product Code : SK-M-FO-M

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Babor Skinovage: Moisturizing Face Oil - Exclusive facial care oil for dry skin lacking in lipids


Dry skin lacks oil and moisture.

Particularly during the colder months, it requires an extra helping of moisture.

It often appears dull, raw and flaky and feels less elastic and soft.

An unpleasant tension in the skin occurs particularly often following cleansing.

Valuable botanical lipids derived from almond, macadamia nut, pistachio kernel, apricot seed, soy and grape seed oils are rich in essential fatty acids and support the ability of the skin to regenerate naturally.

They also help the skin to appear softer and less raw.

The unpleasant feeling of tension is noticeable reduced.

Flaky, raw areas of the skin are left soft and supple.

In winter, this rich face care oil protects against cold and unpleasant tension in the skin.


Apply mornings and/or evening, or as simply needed, to clean skin.

Afterward apply a care cream suitable to your skin, as needed.

Can also be applied over daytime care products for protection against the cold.