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Age Spot Duo

    Product Category : Concentrates
    Product Code : DRB-DC-ASD-M

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Babor - Dr Babor: Age Spot Duo


AGE SPOT OFF! Minimizes pigmented spots for radiantly beautiful skin.

The Age Spot Duo with Age Spot Corrector and Age Spot Protector counteract hyperpigmentation in the form of age spots and environmental skin discoloration.

In the first step, the Age Spot Corrector mitigates existing hyperpigmentation, and in the second step, the Age Spot Protector protects against its formation in the long term.

The Age Spot Corrector is designed as a rich serum that effectively corrects existing skin tone shifts. Superficial discolouration caused by environmental pollution is minimized.

The Age Spot Protector SPF 30 is designed as a day cream that effectively corrects existing skin tone shifts and prevents them from forming again. The complexion appears more even.

In the first step, superficial discolouration resulting from environmental stress is minimized with an active 2 amino acid exopolysaccharide. The active ingredient reduces melanin formation, reduces pigmented spots and supports a more homogeneous appearance of the skin. Vitamin E supports the skin's own protection against environmental, oxidative stress.

In the second step, triple root extract counteracts melanin formation and softens the appearance of existing pigment spots and improves the regularity of the skin. The Age Spot protection system with UVA and UVB sunscreen filters offers protection against UV radiation and premature UV-related skin aging. Light iridescent pigments for the immediate glow effect.


The most effective is the Age Spot Duo in combined application, because the two products complement each other due to their highly effective ingredients.

Apply Age Spot Corrector on the face, neck and décolleté in the morning and in the evening after cleansing and leave on for a short time.

Then apply Age Spot Protector SPF 30 in the morning.