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Ultimate ECM Repair Serum

    Product Category : Serums
    Product Code : DRB-RC-URS-M

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DOCTOR BABOR Biogen Cellular: Ultimate Repair Serum


Active ingredient substance for intensive support of skin regeneration.

- This highly effective active agent concentrate provides intensive support for the skin's regeneration.

- Dr. Babor researchers used an extremely high concentration of BIOGEN® PLANT extract in this exclusive active agent concentrate.

- Immediately revitalises the skin.

- Visibly smooths wrinkles to leave the skin looking younger in no time. In addition to providing intensive support for the skin's regenerative processes, ULTIMATE REPAIR SERUM is an outstanding choice for post-operative care.

- Helps the skin regenerate itself incredibly quickly and improves its appearance with lasting effects.

An active concentrate with extremely highly concentrated BIOGEN® PLANT Extract.

Intensively regenerates the skin overnight.


Use in the evening after cleansing.

Apply to skin that is in need of regeneration.

Allow a few minutes for the serum to take effect before applying a moisturising cream.