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Intensive Calming Shower Milk*

    Product Category : Shower Milk
    Product Code : DRB-NS-SM-M*
  • Availability: N/A


BABOR Neuro Sensitive Cellular: Intensive Calming Shower Milk


An intensively conditioning shower milk for extremely dry, irritable and hypersensitive skin.

- Desensitises and calms the skin and instantly reduces redness, itching and irritations.

- Reduces the over reaction of the skin’s own immune system.

- Reduces bacteria and interrupts the inflammatory processes.

- Repairs and strengthens the skin‘s barrier.

An intensively conditioning shower milk for extremely dry and very sensitive skin.

It can also be used – during symptom-free periods – as an adjunctive treatment for skin affected by neurodermatitis/atopic eczema and psoriasis.


Apply all over the body and massage in gently whilst showering.