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Structure Transform Spray Clay*

    Product Category : Pomade, Wax & Paste
    Product Code : J-S-TSC*


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JOICO Structure: Transform


Spray Clay. Deliver endless styling versatility with an uncommon texture, buildable hold and matte finish.

-Can be used on all hair types, but especially good for short styles, textured looks and on naturally wavy or curly hair
-Can be used on damp or dry hair, but recommended for use on dry hair for stronger control and more texture and definition
-Incredibly versatile – can be used with different styling tools, products and methods to create a variety of hairstyles
-Build up your hold – hold factor builds from a 2 to a 4 with each spray, but be careful not to overload your hair with product; a little goes a long way
-Apply heat – blow-drying hair after product application activates polymers and gives hair pliable, movable texture and more volume
-Offers protection against high humidity


Spray on dry hair, or spray on hands and then apply. Style with or without heat as desired. Layer for more texture and stronger hold.

-For short, piecey looks, spray on dry hair and push hair into shape
-For molded quiffs, spray on dry hair, then comb into place
-For longer, “bedhead” styles, spray on dry hair at mid-lengths and ends or on hands, work through hair and style with blow-dryer
-To create more waves and increase volume of naturally textured hair, spray on hair and then scrunch hair while blow-drying with diffuser
-For bouncy, flexible curls, section dry hair and spray lightly on each section before styling with curling tongs
-To control thick, coarse hair, spray lightly on dry hair at mid-lengths and ends, then flat iron
-For defined plait styles, spray on hair prior to braiding hair for incredible control and finish


Careful when applying to fine hair! Mist over hands once (no more than twice), and then lightly move your fingers over hair ends or layers for shape and texture; use the remainder at your roots for lift.

You can use with STRUCTURE Foundation to lighten the hold and weight of the product.

Apply a small amount of STRUCTURE Define Lightweight Shine Wax or STRUCTURE Twist Styling Gum afterward to add a bit of shine. Use Structure Foundation to make product reworkable.