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Exclusive Scisors KCX

    Product Category : Professional Scissors
    Product Code : KCX-600



JOEWELL KCX Series Scissors

Sword & Convex Blade, made of Supreme Stainless Alloy Combination of Sword Shape Blade with Convex Edge and Convex Pro Blade is achieved supreme cutting quality. Top quality special alloys born through the pursuit of ultra-fine composition. This material was developed from the long-term experience in manufacturing techniques and the accumulation of user comments and is suitable for hairdressing scissors. It has the best edge sharpness and durability.

New Designed Semi-off set Handle with the fixed finger rest Designed with a semi-offset handle that is between the symmetric and the offset handle. It is easy and comfortable to use.

- Thin adjustable Screw
- Permanent Finger Rest
- Super Oil Polymer Pivot Point